Treatments and Investigation Equipments

We have the best investigation and treatment equipment that are handled by doctors. Some of the equipment includes

Slit lamp microscope

For the better diagnosis of the inner structure of the eye including the iris, lens, conjunctiva and cornea, our doctors use slit lamp microscope. It facilitates the better treatment and diagnosis of all the inner eye conditions like injury, cuts, and tears, etc.

Auto refractometer with keratometry

To measure the precise amount of refractive errors in the eye like myopia or hypermetropia, we use the Auto refractometer with keratometry. It is especially effective in the case of the patients which go through refractive surgeries.

Indirect ophthalmoscopes

Ophthalmoscopy is the technique that helps the doctors have a look at the fundus of the eye. The indirect ophthalmoscope is the best machine that is used for this purpose. With this, the doctor is easily able to see the optic disc, retina and vitreous humor or the patient and identify any issues in these areas.

Ultrasound B scan equipment

The Ultrasound B Scan Equipment is used to analyze the eye defects such as edema, foreign body in the vitreous, hemorrhages, retinal detachments, intra-ocular tumors, etc. This instrument lets the doctor take an ultrasound of the eye and see the exact condition of the lens, retina, sclera, and vitreous.

CAM vision stimulators and Visuscope

CAM vision stimulators are used in the treatment of the amblyopia. We are one of the few clinics that are capable of treating both the types of amblyopia with accuracy. We also have the facility of Visuscope to determine the functioning of the retina in the patients accurately.

Carl Zeiss O. C. T.

We have the world famous Carl Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography technology to take a cross-section image of the retina and determine all the eye defects caused due to glaucoma, age-related muscular degeneration and eye diseases caused due to diabetes.

A scan biometer

A scan biometer is used to determine the length of the eye. This equipment is used to calculate the intraocular lens power which is implanted in the eye during a cataract surgery.

Fundus camera with Retinal video angiography

To have a look at the blood vessels in the eye, our doctors use a fundus camera with retinal video angiography. This camera takes the accurate images of all the blood vessels in the eye that helps determine tumors, swollen blood vessels, broken blood vessels, etc. in the eye.

Retinal LASER photocoagulator machine

This is a procedure that is done to the eye to fix any leaking blood vessels or any tear in the retina. It is minimally invasive, and a painless procedure and is done by our experienced doctors for best results.

Computerized Visual Field Analyzer

To accurately determine the defects in the visual fields of the patient the computerized visual field analyzer is used. The visual field analyzer detects visual field defects that are commenly seen in glaucoma and the disorders of central nervous system such as brain tumor.


We use Synoptophore for a complete squint diagnosis, binocular vision and angle of deviation measurement. The instrument is used to correctly determine hidden squint, lazy eye, and other eye defects

The Operation Facilities

The Nayan Tara Eye Clinic has an operation theater that is well equipped with all the instruments. The patients are treated with the following machines and equipment in the operation theater under the guidance of an experienced doctors

Advanced zoom surgical microscope with C. C. T. V. with Vitreoretinal surgical capability

To provide a better view of the retina of the patient's eye while operating, we use the advanced zoom surgical microscope with C.C.T.V.It helps our doctors operate and treat the eye of the patients accurately.

Advanced Phaco emulsifier with Vitrectomy capability

The advanced Phaco Emulsifier is used in cataract surgery of the eye. The Vitrectomy is done to remove the gel that gets accumulated in the eye and is not cleaning by itself. This procedure is done with a lot of precision by our trained doctors.

Sterilizing equipment like E. T. O. gas sterilizer

The sanitation and the health of the patient are the most important to us hence we use advanced sterilizing instruments like the Ethylene Oxide gas sterilizer to sterilize all our medical equipment used in the surgery and diagnosis.

Advanced Various Modern Equipments used in Posterior Segments Surgeries

Great Environment

Operation Theater

Consulting Room